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Limb Skins™ Customise & Protect Your Recurve Bow Limbs

Are your recurve bow limbs looking a little plain, boring or tired? Then Bowrap Limbskins™ might just be the answer.

What Are Limb skins™?

Limb Skins – Customise & Protect your recurve bow limbs with Limb Skins the new archery gear customisation product developed by Limb Skins are designed to allow any archer to totally transform the look of their Olympic style recurve bow. Limbskins are a range of thermally printed and laminated skins that feature bright bold graphics and are precision CNC cut to match the shape of Short, Medium and Long limbs using the International Limb Fitting (ILF) and Hoyt Formula systems.

Instantly Transform The Look Of Your Recurve Bow

Limb Skins are easy to apply and remove so archers can customise and change the look of their archery gear easily whenever they want. Limb Skins also provide a degree of protection from light scraps and abrasions. Perfect for field and 3D archers.