Our Story

A Little about the owner

My name is Chris Evans and I’m the owner of Bowrap.com and like you I share a real passion for the sport of archery.

Now I’d like to take this opportunity to share the Bowrap story.

It’s Fair to Say That for Most of My Life I’ve Never Been a ‘Sports Orientated’ Person; that was until a close friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful sport of archery. As a practising professional engineer working on military aviation programmes; I’m used to dealing with precision, accuracy, repeatability and process discipline in my daily working life. So when I started my archery journey it occurred to me that many engineering concepts were similar and shared a synergy with the technical shooting skills and mindset I was trying to develop in archery.

On reflection and knowing the type of person I am it’s clear how archery is a perfect fit for me. From here on I look forward to every shoot and continuing my journey as I learn to appreciate, and admire all forms of archery, and the generations of skilled archers and bowmen who have contributed to the advancement of this great sport.

Archery – A Journey of Self Development

Now I’ve probably not been involved in archery for as long as many of you, but the sport has already over delivered against so many of my personal expectations. For the first time in my life it brought out a ‘sportsman’ in me I never knew existed. The sport also introduced me to a local and global family of archers many of which I can now call friends. But most of all it gave me an exciting personal pursuit that was progressive, social, rewarding and most importantly for me – relaxing.


So How Did Bowrap.com Come About?

It’s an interesting question and as with most things – It started with a little curiosity and a need. To answer this I have to turn back the clock to the beginning of my archery journey to the point where I had just completed an ‘introduction to archery’ course at my local club. Happy with the course I decided to commit and obtain my first recurve bow. To keep costs down I opted to buy used equipment (which incidentally has served me very well). I saw no point in buying expensive new equipment at the start just in case I changed my mind a few months down the line.

It Began with the Limbs

The bow I purchased came with Win & Win Sidewinder Limbs. These are a basic entry level legacy W&W limb, nothing special, finished in metallic silver and a very uninspiring printed logo. Like most sports, archery product manufacturers replace models every year with newer versions, often with snazzy new graphics. In comparison to the latest models my limbs looked a little plain and tied. So I began to think about how I could bring them to life and enhance their visual look. I searched the internet for a product that would do just that but was surprised to find there simply wasn’t anything available.

Disappointed, I decided to create something from scratch. I called them – Limbskins™.

Product Development

Limbskins™ were the first archery product I’d developed. Limbskins™ not only allow archers to customise their limbs with bright alternative graphics but because Limbskins™ are laminated for durability they also serve to protect the bow limbs from minor scuffs and scrapes. They are easily applied or removed and can be changed as often as you like without damaging or harming the limbs. Imagine being able to change the whole look of your archery gear, and so easily.

Now I would like to share some snaps of the very first set of Limbskins™ I manufactured. I had just applied them to my bow ready for some endurance testing in ‘real world’ conditions. I’m sure you will agree, they truly deliver a dramatic visual change to the look of what is a fairly standard recurve bow.


My First Archery Competition & Public Reaction

Not long afterwards I entered and shot my first archery competition and it was here that I received some unexpected attention at the shooting line from fellow competitors either complimenting the idea or asking questions such as, where I had I got my limbs from? and who made them? They were quite surprised when I told them I had made them myself. The ensuing responses and follow on conversations were overwhelmingly positive and I was asked by many if I would make some more. And so it began…

The Demand Was There. What Else Could I Do?

Spurred on by such a positive response and some demand I began to think about other Archery customisation products I could also develop and make. Within three months I had gone on to successfully develop a range of Arrow Wraps, Wraps for Stabiliser Rods and also Vane Wraps.

Bowrap is Go!

Realising what I now had was actually an archery product range, and with more and more requests and orders coming in for my archery wrap products, I decided to take the plunge and launch it as a business and see how it goes. Bowrap.com was born. I hope you will join the many satisfied customers of Bowrap.com and enjoy our range of archery customisation products and remember next time you’re on the shooting line and want to stand out from the crowd. Think … Bowrap.com (and, now, Bowrap.co.uk).

I wish you all continuing success and achievements in your archery endeavours.

Best Regards

Chris Evans