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A tuned recurve bow is essential to achieving high score groups and correct Limb and bowstring alignment is critical to setting up centre shot. Bowrap have developed these unique limb alignment stickers/decals. Thermally printed on vinyl with an accuracy of 0.1 mm these recurve bow tuning aids are easy to apply.

To apply simply lift of the backing sheet using the built in tab, centralise on the inside face of the limbs and stick down. Fold the tabs around the back of the limb and that’s it installed. I usually apply two stickers per limb equally spaced along the length.

Now its an easy job to ensure your recurve limbs are perfectly aligned. You can choose to leave the stickers on your limbs as a quick check reference and ensure that the limbs haven’t moved or become misaligned over time.

Bowrap Limb Alignment Sticker Features

Limb Alignment Sticker Decals.
12 High performance limb alignment stickers per sheet.
Enough product for 3 sets of recurve limbs.
Thermally printed on premium quality cast vinyl with high tack adhesive.
Quick and easy to apply with ‘How To’ articles & videos on Bowrap website.
Every decal set is handmade, checked, packed and sent by me, personally.
Supplied on clear Polyethylene ‘easy peel’ carrier sheet to prevent creases and wrinkles.
Once Size Fits All
Choosing a wrap design is the easy bit. Now you need to choose the correct width for your arrows. The ideal wrap allows for an approximate 2mm overlap. Follow this easy ‘how to’ guide in the next section so you have the information you need to choose the correct size wraps.

Limb Compatibility

Bowrap Recurve Archery Limb Alignment Sticker Decals are compatible with all major limb manufacturers and fit small, medium and long ILF limbs systems. The stickers can be removed at anytime and won’t damage the finish of your limbs.

Your Bowrap Limb Alignment Sticker Decals have arrived in the post. You have had a look at them and now pleased and all excited you want to install them. Great! thought so, follow this illustrated guide on How to Apply Limb Alignment Sticker Decals. Take your time and enjoy.